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Postcode : WV14 7EX
Introduced : Jan-80Last updated : 2/12/2015
Ward Name : Bilston EastWard Code : E05001321
Local Authority Name : WolverhamptonLocal Authority Code : E08000031
County Name : Positional Quality : 1
Country Name : EnglandCountry Code : E92000001
Region Name : West MidlandsRegion Code : E12000005
Parliamentary Constituency Name : Wolverhampton South EastParliamentary Constituency Code : E14001050
European Electoral Region Name : West MidlandsEuropean Electoral Region Code : E15000005
Primary Care Trust Name : 0Primary Care Trust Code : E16000072
Lower Super Output Area Name : Wolverhampton 027CLower Super Output Area Code : 0
Middle Super Output Area Name : Wolverhampton 027Middle Super Output Area Code : E02002175
Output Area Classification Name : Social renting young familiesOutput Area Classification Code: 4A1
Global Position (Lattitude, Longitude) : (52.566606, -2.067024)
Spatial Accuracy : Postcode LevelSocrata ID : 1709626
Easting : 395554Northing : 296533

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